Do I Have To Tip Movers?

So the time has come to pay the bill. You’re going over the details and you reach the THAT line to fill out. “Tips”. How much do I tip? Do I have to tip? Can I tip movers with my card? Tipping is an American pastime dating back to the days when dumping tea into harbors was cool. It’s in our blood to reward those who do well. In this article we’ll go over all the questions you may have in regards to tipping movers.

Do I Have To Tip?

This is an easy one. Of course not! Now your crew might throw you some dirty looks after carrying your gun safe collection and your 300 lbs of Beanie Babies, but that’s on you. All jokes aside, you by no means have to tip your movers, but as a token of your appreciation for the hard work your crew has done, a tip will make any movers day. If your crew has major damages and is rude to you the entire time then don’t tip them. But, if your crew goes above and beyond then why not reward them a little. Sure, you don’t have to bankrupt yourself to tip your crew, but just tip them what feels right to you if you were in their shoes doing the labor.

Why Do I Tip If They’re Getting Paid?

Do you tip your hairdresser, Uber driver, or your pizza delivery driver? They’re all paid too, but you still tip them (given they do a good job). As I mentioned previously, we just tip. It’s in our American DNA. Plus, moving is a very physically demanding job! You’re opting for movers because it’s hard work. Movers are moving everyday and if their work is exceptional  then a little reward will go a long way.

How Much Should I Tip Movers?

This is entirely up to you! Did the movers do a fantastic job? Were your movers communicative? If your movers were cold and caused substantial damages, than they may not deserve a tip at all! But, if they worked hard and got the job done proper, than a little reward for their hard work would be greatly appreciated! Every move is different — so the amount you might tip your movers is solely based on the details of your move. How long did it take? How was the weather? Did you have a lot of heavy pieces? Maybe access was very tight, but yet they got everything inside in a timely manor. Here at Easy Moves Moving & Storage we prefer the $4 – $6/hr per crew member method of tipping. If your crew was extraordinary for an eight hour job then each crew member could be tipped $48. utilizes this method:

If it’s a half-day move (4 hours or less), $20 per person is considered appropriate. If it’s an 8-hour day, $40 per person is recommended. If the crew works 12 hours or more, $50-$60 per person is fair.

Tipping your movers is just a way of saying thank you. Sometimes customers will purchase our crews lunch and sometimes our customers will give them gifts and unwanted furniture. No matter what you do, if your movers did the job and did the job well, then just show them your appreciation in whatever way you deem appropriate, because at the end of the day everyone just wants to be recognized for their hard work.

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