The Car Wants The Garage Back

Winter is coming. It’s that beautiful time of year with cool crisp mornings and people sticking their heads out their windows because their windshield is frosted over. We’ve all been there. You’re running late. The clock is ticking. You feel like a superhero condensing your 2 hour morning routine to 15 minutes. You get to your car and disaster! The windshield now seconds as a ice-skating rink. So you do what any responsible adult would do and carve a view port into the ice and head to the streets. Alright, we really need to address this issue once and for all people…

What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal?! You’re driving a 2 ton crossover with the visibility of a WWII tank. Sure, it might seem kinda fun at first, but we don’t want you or anyone else getting hurt. Now, I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you to start waking up on time, because we all now those extra 5 minutes are worth every bit of panic they may lead to but there is a solution. Remember that room of your house with the big rolling door? What’s it called again? The storage room? Maybe it’s called the “I might need that one day don’t throw it away” room? Well guess what! It’s time to move the Christmas decorations and antiquated tech elsewhere, because the car is going in the garage this winter! What’s that saying again about dogs? “If you’re cold, they’re cold”? It applies to your car too.

WWII tank driver’s view VS illegal iced window. The resemblance is uncanny. Source: BNPS.CO.UK

Why is it important?

The average American is spending over $37,000 on a new car this year according to Kelley Blue Book. Now don’t get me wrong. I know your Christmas decorations and VHS tapes mean a lot to you, but maybe that premium paint option deserves some love too. Now paint care is a totally different rabbit hole and we’ll just assume you’re not the kind of person that hand washes their car more often than yourself. But, your car needs some TLC too. Plus, if your car is parked in the garage that’s less washing for you! It’s a win-win!

What’s the solution?    

It’s time to face the problem head on. What are some of the solutions? Well first and foremost it’s time to let some things go. Now I know it can be hard, but sometimes you have to let go of your 71 VHS tape collection of M*A*S*H. Plus, it’s remastered in HD on Hulu anyway. Now all jokes aside, it truly can be difficult to let go of some things, but you really need to ask yourself if you really need to be holding on to some things. Abby Lawson on her blog has excellent tips for decluttering:

Local churches or schools may know of specific families that are in need that could greatly benefit from the items you have to give. Knowing that the things you’re getting rid of will be a blessing to someone else makes parting with them so much easier!

When deciding what to keep and what to get rid of be mindful of whether or not you can donate or sell some things. It can be tempting to just throw stuff away, but someone else could benefit from having it. Plus, if you are able to sell some things the extra money cant hurt. Especially if you’re opting for storage.

 What about storage?

So you’ve finally sorted through your Beanie Baby collection and you’ve picked your favorites. Now what? It’s time to decide on where you’re going to put everything. Now, assuming that the basement is full of football paraphernalia and the attic is the designated resting place for the Christmas tree and that Halloween skeleton that you forget to put up every year; your final option is storage. Now, you might be questioning your life choices by this point asking yourself “How have I gotten to this point?” and “Am I going on that hoarder TV show?”, but the reality of it is you’re a perfectly functioning American. According to SpareFoot, roughly 32 million Americans rent a storage unit. Now what are your options? Depending on what you’re storing is going to dictate what kind of storage facility you need. If you’re storing things that will be damaged by humidity and temperature changes, you should opt for a climate controlled facility such as Morningstar Storage or CoolBox Self Storage. Both are excellent choices and are staffed by excellent people that will only make your storage experience that much better! If you are storing anything such as antique furniture or anything that you hold dear such as family pictures and keepsakes, then we definitely recommend  a climate controlled facility. 

In total we hope we at least made you think about clearing out some clutter. If you have any questions or need any help/advice for storage solutions feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. Thanks for reading!


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