How To Pack Clothes

How do you pack your clothes before your move? Do you just throw it into trash bags? Maybe box them up? It can be a daunting task, so let’s break down how to pack your clothes in a way that’s right for you (it is your move after all)! Remember, if you need any packing and moving tips give Easy Moves Moving & Storage a call at anytime at (205) 434-1615! We’d be more than happy to assist you!

Where To Start?

Now hold your horses! Before you just go willy-nilly throwing clothes into boxes and bags; we need a game plan. The first step is to decide what is going and what is not. There’s no need to hoard clothes! As we talked about in The Car Wants The Garage Back, we all as a collective have a hard time letting go of things and it’s time that changes. Moving to a more temperate climate? Donate those winter coats to a homeless shelter that needs them. Just land your fully remote dream job? Guess you only need to keep the top half of your wardrobe for those Zoom calls!

I’ve Chosen What I Need. Now What?

Now you need to decide how to pack your clothing items appropriately. There are plenty of options for ways to pack and transport your clothes, so let’s break them down and rate them!

1) Trash Bags

Let’s start with trash bags. Trash bags (preferably unscented unless you want your clothes to smell like cheap candles) are a common choice for clothing items that are not delicate and that you don’t care for too much. Examples are t-shirts, jeans, men’s underwear, etc. How does Easy Moves feel about them? We don’t like this option too much and here’s why.

First, people underestimate how heavy a 13 gallon bag of clothes is. You better pray to the trash bag gods that your trash bag of choice is incredibly tear resistant or else you’re in for a big disappointment (the number of times we’ve chased flying underwear down the street after a trash bag blowout is shocking). Second, it only saves you money not time. Not only are trashbags harder to label, but what happens when you cram 50 garments into a bag? They get wrinkled. Well now you have three loads of laundry to do when you move in.

Rating: TRASH TIER [0/10] (Get it? Trash tier because it’s a trash bag. Sorry…)

Garbage bags should just stick to what they do best and that is holding trash.

2) Moving Boxes

The next common answer is simple: moving boxes. Now this is a by far better option than trash bags. It’s easier to label and is less of a hassle to move. We recommend packing everything inside of moving boxes unless it is extra delicate or needs special treatment, but we’ll get to that (EX. suits, dresses, etc.). How does Easy Moves feel about moving boxes? It’s a great option and here’s why.

First, it’s convenient to move, but not only for you but also for your movers. Why is that? Because boxes are easy to carry and easy to stack in the back of a moving truck. Trash bags aren’t stackable and end up everywhere in the back of a truck. So unless the idea of your Armani suit acting like a cushion for your furniture to rest on sounds good to you; we recommend not using trash bags. Second, you can fold and nicely pack clothes in boxes. No more rewashing and re-ironing! Simply fold your clothes once and it goes right back to where it belongs when you move in. Simple and easy!

Rating: TRIED & TRUE [8/10] 

Is that a EMMS corrugated box in size 16″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″ with 32ECT? What a beauty! Call to order now!

3) Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the crème de la crème of moving luxury. If you can justify the price then it is worth every dime! Wardrobe boxes do exactly what you’d expect. They allow you to hang clothes in them just the way they were in the closet! Now, it’s not the most economical for most customers, but we always recommend that you get a couple wardrobe boxes for at least your most prized articles of clothing (EX. suits, dresses, Snuggie®). How does Easy Moves feel about wardrobe boxes? It’s the best option and here’s why.

First, it’s just so convenient! You just unhang your clothes from the closet, hang them in the wardrobe box, and then hang them up in your new place! That’s what we call luxury moving right there! Second, it saves you time and hassle. Think about how long it’s going to take to unfold all the clothes from trash bags and regular boxes, put them on hangers, and rehang them? At least 13 years give or take. 

Rating: SUPREME LUXURY [10/10] 

Wardrobe boxes are KING! Need some? Call to order now!

4) Honorable Mentions

Now these options can be great (or not), but are situational or downright not worth the effort nor hassle. One thing you see online often is “wrap breakables in your clothes”. Okay, well first off this is a cardinal sin and second this isn’t worth the time and isn’t as effective as proper packing material. Unless you want to go from owning a flannel and a glass vase to owning a wrinkly flannel filled with glass shards; we advise to not do this. 0/10 you’ll end up with 50 loads of laundry and boxes full of broken glass.

Another option is just laying your clothes in your personal vehicle. This is purely situational, but it can be a decent option in a pinch! Just be sure to lay something down in the trunk or on your seats prior to laying your clothes down.

Quick Tip:  Thoroughly label your clothes boxes. Nothing is more frustrating than ripping open every box labelled “clothes” looking for a pair of underwear! Do yourself a favor and be more specific when you label.

 That’s it! You’re ready for your big day! We hope you found this article helpful and we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move! As always if you have an questions or concerns feel free to give us a ring! Not even using Easy Moves? Doesn’t matter because we love to help! So give us a call today!

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